TAMPER PROOF is for anyone possessed of reasonable doubt.

You who recognise sinister implications when politicians grant themselves power to fight biology.
Those tired of being scorned for hesitation.

Stigmatised for not indulging the panic.

Anyone repulsed by coronavirus fanaticism.

If you lack the time to pore over endless pages of science and legislation, relax:

It is all irrelevant.

COVID-19 could be a flu, or the Black Death. It changes nothing about your ability to act according to your own judgement.

The free world can only come into view when we have a mature and reasoned understanding of our power and responsibilities. You don’t build what you want by destroying its opposite. The problem will not be resolved tomorrow. It cannot be turned off with the push of a button. It requires patience and a shift in attitude.

You are invited to enjoy the only way out of the mess. This is not a reaction, it is a calm and measured response.

It will prevent unwelcome intrusion on your property, unwanted medical interference. It will keep the police service and politicians obedient. It will produce your authority and the confidence to wield it.

Everything you learn from TAMPER PROOF is true.
If we all do a bit. A tiny bit. It is guaranteed to deliver.

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