4.7 Billion

According to the Oxford Coronavirus Explanations, Attitudes, and Narratives Survey conducted by The University of Oxford between 4-11 May 2020, 60% of adults believe to some extent that the government is misleading the public. The study involved 2,500 adults, representative of the English population for age, gender, region, and income.

Given the global nature of the situation and the consistency of the coronavirus impositions, would 60% (4.7bn) be a reasonably accurate representation of the global population?

It's irrelevant. Being the minority or majority doesn’t make you right, it only suggests you are within the population.


Being within the population doesn’t give anyone rights you don’t have yourself. If only you distrust the government, you are free to release them of their duty. If public servants employed by your government cause any harm, you should prosecute them. If you are unable to prosecute, then we have serious problems with the infrastructure of our justice systems...
And The University of Oxford survey is meaningless.


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