Shops + Masks / Honesty

It is not acceptable to lose your anonymity while shopping.

You are not required to identify or explain yourself.

You are not be required to share private disabilities with strangers.

You should not expect to feign disabilities to exempt you from mask wearing.

Walk tall, shoulders back.


Make eye contact.

Act as though you have every right to walk the earth.

If you are challenged, politely inform your new friend:

“I’m not accustomed to discussing private affairs with strangers.”

If they ask you to wear a mask:

“I don’t take medical instruction from unqualified strangers.”

Be honest and have the courage to say NO without explaining yourself.


Cultivate an air of superiority.

Assume they are acting outside of social acceptability.

Do not behave accusatory or confrontational.

Offer to engage in business.

Remain polite, but firm. Always in honour.

If they refuse, you can't force anyone to trade with you.

S M I L E and leave.

As you leave, consider politely asking:

“Is a mild virus affecting your business and destroying our economy, or your decisions?”

Don't wait for an answer.

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