The Isolation Oxymoron

Mandatory Self Isolation is an oxymoron. 

You either isolate yourself, or another Human decrees it.

Guidelines are not law, and ‘legislation’ - emergency or otherwise - doesn’t grant anyone power over you.

Nobody has the right to restrict anybody from free society, voluntary exchange or their ability to provide for themselves.

If you feel vulnerable, you are free to protect yourself and Self Isolate.

 - in any way you see fit.

To keep ‘Key Workers’ safe, you can only appeal to common sense and empathy. 

When free people decide to risk socialising, they alone will pay any consequence.

If a 'Key Worker' feels compromised, they are free to refuse service, or change career.

When free people are aware they may be refused service, they make informed risk assessments like adults.

Risk can only be taken by an individual willing to suffer the consequence.

A compassionate society can shelter and protect the vulnerable

  - without criminalising free behaviour.

It is sufficient to provide the public with as much transparent information as possible and let Humanity organise as they see fit.

We do not require a government, corporation or tech billionaire to cosset us. 




MILLIONS of people are stirring.

Come with us...