The Surreptitious Mandate

Let's imagine for a moment that despots and tyrants a real...

If my cause was to implement a Global Fascist Technocratic Dictatorship

I would gather around those of shared ideals and comparable wealth. From history we see that overt violent power grabs are expensive and inconvenient.

 - they create resistance.

Together we would employ marketing, public relations and theatre to cultivate an image of benevolence.

We would devise numerous Foundations, Institutes, Think Tanks and Organisations obedient to our cause

We would promote the impression they were each independent of the others.

We would create an image of authority through science, research and persuasion. I will refer to them as our apparatus.

We would lobby and bribe politicians and civil servants.

We would place operatives obedient to our cause inside governments to ensure our apparatus were employed as advisors to Sovereign Nations.

Instead of mandating subservience to our cause, I would use our apparatus to advise governments to lay out guidelines. 

We would instruct our media interests to steer public opinion into a cul-de-sac of fear. 

Propagate an environment that would make subservience to our cause synonymous with Public Safety. 

I would make my businesses (e.g. supermarkets) impose Company Policy which prevented the disobedient from buying goods in order to protect the subservient - all in the name of Public Safety.

Nothing will be mandatory, but coercion and manipulation would be the responsibility of various apparatus.

In doing this we would obscure any liability - no single apparatus could be seen to break the law, either common or moral.

We would build giant libraries of legal rigmarole to make law a daunting edifice. We would invoke magical instruments called “indemnity”, “limited liability” and “diplomatic immunity” to dissuade anyone from attempting to prosecute us. 

We would tie the judiciary and law enforcement up with the same propaganda, fear and reward. We would make justice prohibitively expensive.

I would call this The Surreptitious Mandate.

A complex of influence enabling us to steal money to fund our tyranny:

I would have governments pledge tax payer’s money to fund my cause.

Then sell it back (at profit) to the government, who would pay with tax payer’s money. Forcing YOU to pay me twice for the privilege of Public Safety which I elect myself defender of.

This cycle is more than a conflict of interest and racketeering

This is textbook fascism.

There is no proof this is taking place today, but there is evidence to suggest it. 




MILLIONS of people are stirring.

Come with us...